In Memorium

Gary Thomas

Our motto is “Even a lake needs friends.” It was a sad day for everyone affiliated with the lake when one of the Lake’s true friends passed away on June 4th, 2018. Since that day much has been said and written about Gary’s well-lived life. His devotion to family, friends and his life-long attachment to Camp Tuffit and his years spent on and around the lake. It was a life he was literally born to.

Voices of the Thomas family have resonated around Lake Mary Ronan for over one hundred years. The sounds of their speaking, singing, laughing and sometimes crying is part of the history and fabric of these parts. For generations, older voices eventually faded to memory only to be replaced with the sound of an infant crying and children playing and newer voices running the business. An unbroken chain of dedication, hard work, commitment and adding value have kept generations of return guests year after year.

The sound of Gary’s voice coupled with “that smile” is now part of the lake’s memory but, look around, listen carefully, you can see that smile and hear that voice in the loving family still calling Lake Mary Ronan home