In Memorium

MJ Snyder

MJ Snyder was the personification of dynamite in small packages.  She possessed tenacity, determination, grit and the intelligence of a razor-sharp intellect. MJ spent most of her career as a practicing attorney. This background produced an ability to research and define issues relevant to LMR such as development and lake water quality that were essential to organizing the community. She was a driving force in the Lake Mary Ronaners, later to become the Friends of Lake Mary Ronan.

Her opinions regarding the lake were based on data accumulated, stored and analyzed over years of meticulous accumulation.  She could, and would, back her positions with exact metrics of the lake’s historic levels, temperatures, water quality, weather, fish varieties when and where they were biting and what depths they schooled. Her tenacity made her a well known figure at the Lake County Planning Department as well as the Lake County Commissioners.

MJ's home was summer headquarters for local kids. Her boat often carrying young novice fishermen out for one of her valuable lessons on the fine points of Kokanee catching.  The dogs she loved, first Darcy then Pepper, would play catch with the boys and run her obstacle courses while she’d sit on her deck enjoying every moment.

MJ was small of stature but impactful.  Her larger than life personality and intellect influenced all she interacted with.  She impelled, compelled and propelled us all, leaving behind a legacy of activism we can only hope to be worthy of.

She passed away in the summer of 2015 doing what she loved doing the most. Fishing!